Sunday, 25 November 2012

A flashback

Michal's 9th birthday party. That was the first time I made a cake like this. It was a simple chocolate cake, which is Michal's favourite, but I've turned the sugar paste into a jungle. I was very happy with the results. Well done me!

Because Michal's birthday is in October, this year we've decided to have it as an earlier Halloween Party. No cake this time, just cupcakes.

And there is a Nemo cake I made for my friend's little boy. It was his first birthday.
I really enjoyed that.


  1. wow!!! just looking at it I can taste the chocolate! I want one noooow!!! You have talent! well done! :*

    1. thank you :) really love doing it, and the smile on my boy's face was priceless! :*